Why Varsity Summer Camps?

For young people across the world, Summer Camp is a huge part of their childhood.  It gives them the opportunity to stay away from home, make new friends, and have experiences that will stay with them throughout their life!

Summer camps also known as adventure holidays, holiday camps or youth camps offer a wide range of experiences including sports, arts, music, cookery, drama, leadership, and team building in a controlled setting. Campers have the freedom to express themselves in a safe environment with supportive and encouraging staff.

The importance of Summer camps in 2021

Recent research by the Prince’s trust has shown that there has been an increase in anxiety levels in children during the pandemic and one third reported feeling overwhelmed. Summer camps have always been a fantastic way to give children new experiences and to improve their confidence and socialising skills in a fun way.  However, it is even more important now for children to recover from any pandemic stress and anxiety. Expert psychologists in child development are calling for a ‘summer of play’ to help with lost socialisation and development opportunities due to the Covid-19 lockdown and criticised any discussions around using the summer holidays to catch up on school work.

Why a summer of activity is so important

Sir Kevan Collins, Education Recovery Tsar made it clear that he thinks it is very important that “children to be together, to play, to engage in competitive sport, for music, for drama, because these are critical areas of learning”.

Summer Camp provides children with the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of activities.  With Varsity Summer Camps, children will have the opportunity to try and experience a wide range of activities!

We also believe that enabling children to do what they love is really important.  To support this we offer all of our campers a choice of which Club they would like to specialise in.

  • Sports Club
  • Art & Design Club
  • Showtime Club
  • STEM Club 


Why Varsity?

Varsity Summer Camps are the domestic division of the UK’s top-ranked international Summer School provider; Summer Boarding Courses. Our experienced, passionate, and dependable staff are there to make all camp experiences exciting, beneficial, and safe.

Our background is in providing world-class residential experiences and creating a home away from home.  Since 2008, we have welcomed over 12,000 young people from 151 different countries.  We are absolutely delighted to be offering these experiences to UK based children for the first time this summer! 


Who is camp for?

Summer Camps are suitable for any and every child! With a wide range of activities, there really is something for everyone.  The comfortable, boarding school locations, mean that our campers will have an enjoyable experience staying away from home!

We split our camps into two groups, Ages 8 – 11 and 12 – 14, so that our staff team can make sure all of the activities are age-appropriate.

All Campers enjoy our action-packed programme, which features a huge selection of activities, including sports, arts, music, cookery, drama, leadership, and team building. After a busy day of activities, campers come together in the evening for social events and team competitions. There is something for every child to enjoy! 


Where are the camps?

Based at two leading boarding schools, Campers will love the fantastic range of on-site facilities (including swimming pools, tennis courts, football fields, theatres), comfortable & secure accommodation, and healthy eating



Many camps offer large, dormitory-style accommodation.  We’ve deliberately chosen to use boarding school accommodation, offering homely single or twin rooms.  This gives our campers their own space, or the opportunity to share with a friend. 

One of the best things about the accommodation we offer is that all of our houses have purpose built common rooms and social spaces.  This means students can come together, relax, and play games to unwind, within the comfort of their house.